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Rev. Gregory B. Drumwright, a native of Burlington, NC, is an undergraduate alum of NC A&T State University, where he served as Student Body President, and Wake Forest University where he earned a Master of Divinity degree. 


For more than 15 years, he has served as the Senior Minister at the Citadel of Praise Church & Campus Ministries, a non-denomination ministry that has attracted a consistent millennial following from college campuses throughout Greensboro. Beyond the four walls of its Church, the Citadel has facilitated  transformational, community-based programs in Greensboro, having worked to bring young mothers from homelessness to happiness and partnering with Greensboro’s Police and City Government to sponsor programming that has lowered crime in urban communities, to name a few. 

Greg has enjoyed a 22-year career as a singer/songwriter, musician, and Gospel music performer with a national stage since being a three-time guest to perform at the White House.  In 2007, his group, The Singers & Musicians ALIVE! released their single “My Hope”, and full length album, that was nationally distributed and received its radio debut through the Steve Harvey Morning Show. In September of 2016, Rev. Drumwright was led to take his singers to the front line, on day-three of the civil unrest that took place in the city of Charlotte, NC. For three hours, the group performed an acapella repertoire of inspirational music that resulted in what the National Guard and news media coined as being “Charlotte’s first night of peace” since protest and rioting had engulfed the city.

A Google search of this report reveals that all national TV-news networks covered the choir’s demonstration in Charlotte though Rev. Drumwright recalls that only three people were assembled when they began. One video from a bystander was viewed nearly 300,000 times and shared more than 1,700 times on social media as the crowd grew to more than 1,000 on lookers.

Aside from being a called upon performer, Greg Drumwright has been serving as a faith leader and role model for youth and young adult organizations, having addressed more than 200,000 persons, nationally and internationally, since he began his public speaking career in 1998. 

Amongst the many platforms he has enjoyed, he cherishes the opportunities to share his gift as Commencement speaker to Elementary and Collegiate graduates on multiple occasions. He has received numerous local, state, and national awards for his spiritual leadership, community service, and humanitarianism all before the age of 35. Recently, the Governor of the State of NC conferred the second highest state award upon Drumwright, the Old North State Award, for his more than 20 years of dedicated ecumenical service and community leadership.

As a 2018 candidate for Board of Education in Guilford County, NC, Greg is no stranger to the field of education. He brings classroom teaching experience to the race and the board, as a former English and Mass Communications instructor in two public school systems. Before entering the public classroom, his career started at Barber-Scotia College during its period of record enrollment as the

Director of Fine Arts. Thereafter, he continued as an English III instructor for Alamance Burlington Schools and eventually in the Greensboro Area Math & Science Academy at NC A&T State University. He then served as an Mass Communications instructor in the Guilford County School system. As a successful teacher for five years, Drumwright was well-regarded as being an effective and a relevant mentor to students as well as an advocate for parental involvement and educational leadership initiatives. Drumwright’s message of positive directions for youth has been heard across graduation commencement stages from elementary schools to community colleges, as well as hundreds of pulpits, forums, and in the public square.

His post-classroom experience reveals a person who has been dedicated to community organizing and leadership in Greensboro for over 15 years. Pastor Drumwright has organized local and state-wide outreach programs such as the NC Student Government Leadership Congress; a 3-day academic and governmental leadership initiative attended and backed by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, that brought nearly 300 students, educators, as well as local and national officials to the University of NC at Greensboro in 2012. Since then, Drumwright has mentored hundreds of high school and college students both locally and statewide, through various programs and initiatives that he authored such as Weldon City Impact in Halifax, NC and Student Leadership Greensboro. The faith-based foundation that he leads, has awarded over $7,000 in need-based and merit scholarships in the most recent years to students that demonstrate leadership at a young age. 



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